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Here's how it works

1. Upload files

Drop files to form, add note to recipient and you are done!

2. Send safely

Receiver gets email notification and password via SMS. Safe and convenient.

3. Auto-expire

By default, messages and files get deleted automatically after 21 days.

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Unsecure emails are not worth the risk.

E-mail is known to us all as a modern-day form of communication. Too often it is overlooked how insecure e-mail actually is – in reality e-mail is as easily read by outsiders as a postcard.

Delivering thousands of confidential documents daily.

Used by 100+ law firms, health clinics, accounting offices and municipalities around the world.

Easiest way to share and receive secure email.

Drag and drop files and choose recipient. Done! Sharing files confidentially is not harder than that. Get notifications when your documents are viewed and opened. Create your own safe url to receive crypted files and documents. All uploads are encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a 256-bit key and available only with the valid SMS password.

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Sending files safely needs to be easy with large and diverse organisation like ours. Lockread was an obvious choice.

Tapani Jorma

Noste Psychotherapists

Accountists need to receive confidential files daily. With Lockread we don't need any additional software to do it!


Euro Accounting

As legal representatives, we can not use email for sharing confidential files. After trying Lockread, we found our solution.


PK Law


Municipalities and other organizations sending daily documents.


Patient documents, statements, invoices and other documents including sensitive patient information.


Allow customers to submit confidential documents securely.

Start sending and receiving files securely

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