Why use secure email?

Sensitive corporate documents, all medical statements and documents including sensitive privacy information requires better data security than regular email. Secured email is generic term for technologies that enables user to send private information or attachment to another person utilizing email as a communication channel but so that data itself is not transmitted or stored in email servers or clients. There are various ways how secured email can be approached: We have compiled table describing different ways

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Enterprise email encryption solutions

Enterprise level email encryption solutions are often based on email systems like Office365, G Suite, Microsoft Exchange. Encryption systems built on top of enterprise email systems require a well-managed implementation process.

Secure and stable as products

Secures both email client and data traffic

Expensive to deploy

Requires centralized device management

Slow purchasing process and implementation

Do-it-yourself solutions

Another option is to configure your email client to do message encryption automatically using client embedded encryption functionality or use add-ons that typically cost $10-$20/user/month.

Secure if deployed and used properly



Webmail security add-ons

Some webmail providers offer email security modules as an add-on.

Affordable solution

Secure if used along with widely used email solutions like Office365

Works only with selected webmail providers

Usability and security vary greatly by service provider

Does not protect the receiver from the threats

Does not protect from human errors like typos

Service providers outside EU may not comply with local regulations in EU

Email client add-ons

Yet another solution is to use various add-ons configured with local email clients like Outlook (part of Office suite), which encrypts emails and decrypts them respectively on the receiver side.

Safe if used properly

Possible to continue using an existing email client

Possibility of malware and compromised solutions

Requires skills and understanding of encryption basics

Works seamlessly only when the receiver uses the same email client

Safe and reliable

Easy to use

SMS verification

No installation or maintenance costs


Start sending and receiving files securely

Compliant, professional and easy to use.